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  • http://www.friction.tv Tony

    Friction.tv = new platform for citizen journalists
    We’d like you to be the first learn about a new site that just launched in the UK and will be launching in the US shortly. It’s called Friction.tv and it’s being called the YouTube for important issues and ideas. Like YouTube, Friction.tv is a video-sharing site, and visitors are encouraged to upload clips of themselves commenting on topics as controversial as they wish.

    Built for the masses, vloggers can leverage this new platform to double their exposure and get their messages out to a mature audience interested in more than just stupid pet tricks and skateboard videos. (Don’t get me wrong though, I love dogs balancing balls on their nose as much as the next person!)

    The site’s on a quick-growth path. Since launching the beta site three months ago, Friction.tv has already attracted more than 250,000 unique visitors and 2 million page impressions. The site’s visitors are spending a good deal of time on the site when they visit, with an average of eight videos viewed per visitor session. In a recent story by the London Times, it notes that Friction.tv has already outpaced YouTube in attracting to visitors to the site.

    Come check us out and upload a video!

    Got questions? Email me – I’m happy to answer them.

  • http://www.culturevue.com Yosay

    I’m trying to subcribe to your site but for some reason the email verification function is not working.

  • Mitch Perry

    Yo Amani,

    I just was flipping the channels in the newsroom and saw your mug with something known as the “Amani Channel” on CNN Headline news, with apparently your commentary after last night’s Democratic Party debate.

    That quickly led me to finding you on this website. So, I’d been wondering what ever happened to you. So you went to Atlanta, and are doing, what, exactly? You making any money? This website/blog is great. When you get a moment, let me know what’s happening with you.


    Mitch Perry
    WMNF Radio

    P.S. You following the Barry Bonds hunt for 755? Dude, I’m totally behind him. Screw the mainstream media!

  • http://www.nateperkinslive.com Nate Perkins Live IPTV

    ATLANTA, GA. The Next Mr. Tyler Perry amongst midst:

    Trailer: Martin Luther King, Jr. Was A Republican Documentary Film (58 min): http://nateperkins.blip.tv/file/112041/

    Filmmaker Review: “Martin Luther King, Jr Was A Republican”

    “However, after that, the film immediately devolves into an infomercial touting Perkins’ marketing savvy that intermittently mythologizes Perkins own conservative conversion. Apparently Atlanta has a genius amongst its midst, a man who has tapped into the internet’s hidden power. According to the doc Perkins knows MLM (multi-level marketing) like no one’s business”.

    –Charles Judson is a local screen & comic book writer and a regular contributor and film critic for CinemATL.

  • Kres

    What up pimp’in, the seer sucker killed them huh? Kill’em softly Amani, I’ll be in the A soon so I’ll be sure to get at you.

  • d’andre Teeter

    I have just started reading your page recently. I though you would appreciate this from revcom.us


    On Racism and The System
    Thoughts on reading Clarence Page’s “Hung Up on Noose News”

    by Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

    There is a piece by Clarence Page* on October 17, “Hung up on noose news”—whose title is more than a subtle hint as to its stance—which essentially criticizes the struggle to free the Jena 6, by lecturing people, particularly young Black people, about how the noose does not have the same symbolism as it did in the past. While assuming the posture of a veteran of the struggle (“I knew the ’60s”) and while seemingly taking an “even-handed” approach—saying it is not either Al Sharpton or Bill Cosby but the role of both that is needed—Page in fact promotes the Cosby line, including through statements such as: “Today’s young black males kill more young black males in a year than the Ku Klux Klan killed in its entire history.” Here we see constructed, in a way that is typical of these Black bourgeois types, the false and misleading—or, perhaps better said, misdirecting—device of posing the dichotomy (or contradiction) as between racism (or white people), on the one hand, and, on the other hand, lack of personal responsibility on the part of Black people (including parents as well as youth). This false posing of the contradiction is part of, or in any case generally serves, the argument to Black people: “Yes, there is racism, and yes many white people are racists—but get over it, you can overcome this if you apply yourself diligently enough and with enough discipline.” What is left out in this—or evaded, consciously or not—is the heart and essence of the matter: While racism, and racist white people, are a real problem, the fundamental problem is THE SYSTEM—a system which, under certain historical conditions, spawned and utilized the KKK (and similar forces) to terrorize Black people, and which today relies mainly on the police to carry out violent repression, brutality and murder, against Black people and Black youth especially. IT IS THE SYSTEM which has put, and maintains, Black people—and, yes, in a particular way Black youth—in the situation where they are brutalizing and murdering each other. And IT IS THE SYSTEM which must be taken on and fought against—resisted now, through mass political mobilization, and finally, when the change has come about to where there is a revolutionary situation, it must be swept aside and abolished through mass revolutionary struggle. Once again, the basic point must be emphasized: It is only in and through the process of carrying out this resistance, and ultimately revolutionary struggle, and becoming increasingly conscious of the need and possibility of a radically different and far better society and world, brought about through revolution, that the masses of Black youth, Black people generally, and other oppressed people, can also transform themselves—into the emancipators of humanity.

    * Clarence Page is a Black syndicated columnist and member of the Chicago Tribune editorial board.

  • http://www.atlantalive.tv Reid DOuthat

    MCL.tv is a broadband media network featuring quality programming precisely in sync with the pulse of local communities. We have been testing technologies and gathering content providers for the past six months in Huntsville, Al. Currently we are using thePlatform [Owned by Comcast, inc] for our MPS and our CDN is Limelight Networks. Also we are moving our operation in the ‘end of August-beginning of September’ to the west coast. The first Local IPTV Channels we will launch: Atlanta…then, Phoenix, San Jose, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Denver. We will provide VOD and Linear programming with the help of Origin Digital’s new Broadcast Odaptor, Leveraging OmniBus’ iTX solution. We are also providing our channels on: Adobe’s Media Player (Philo), Veho.tv Application, MIRO, Joost has given us the opportunity to become their local iptv network, and we are currently working with Set-top-Box manufacturers but have not yet chosen who we will let syndicate our network. We have partnerships with AccuWeather.com, REUTERS NEWS, USA and Neilson, inc for non user generated. Local news is going to consist of our decentralized news crew and user-generated content with a community built for the Freelance Videographer, or any organization that can produce quality local content, an percentage of advertising revenue will be generated for the content provider as a percentage of views to ad exposure. We will encourage freelance reporting thru video, in a unique system of monetary compensation, to the freelance reporter in a manner that could be comparable to News Paper and their freelance photographers. Please look for AtlantaLive.tv on the Net via HTTP, Miro, VEOH, Adobe Media Player, iTunes, Web App for iPhones’, Windows Mobile, JOOST, and so much more. Atlanta, you are the first city in an IPTV convergence revolution. Hope you take advantage of this opportunity to be a part of the future of local media!

  • http://www.vanessabyers.net Vanessa

    Thanks for the love. I added you to my blogroll.

    Peace and Prosperity

  • urbansurvivor

    Ms. Millie Jackson is set to take the lead in the filmed stage presentation of “Come Back Little Sheba”
    you heard it first from me…one of the renaissence’s od the decade….

  • http://www.myspace.com/HowToMakeHits ATM & Double Dz

    Hi, we have a new song/dance video we are trying to promote called TRAFFIC MAN. How can we get it on your website?


    thank you

    ATM & Double Dz

  • http://www.BlackJesus.com Charles Johnson

    Your interview with Soledad Obrien was so good we
    put it up on BlackJesus.com . Keep up the good work so we can post more.

  • H.

    Hello Webmaster,

    I am H. and interested in sponsoring your blog and I am contacting you to ask if
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  • http://www.yazmar.com Yazmar

    Hey Hey!!
    I diggs the site….Would you like to do a link exchange?


  • http://www.rekayagibson.com Rekaya

    You have an informative site. Keep it coming, we need a different perspective.

    Bes wishes,

    Rekaya Gibson, Author
    The Food Temptress

  • http://www.wegotyourblack.com Frantz

    we would love to be a part and be listed on your site. we would only hope to be half as good as your site. we read your blog regularly.


  • http://bbkingblues.com sparkie martin

    we found this after navigate ajc newspaper we live in atlanta /new york /rodney ho’s column is sometime intresting..and sometime way off..but neverthless we enjoy viewing access atlanta gave a good story on a production openin at the rialto theater this weekend and you should attend…..sparkie

  • http://bbkingblues.com sparkie martin

    enjoyed what I have navigated thus far…

  • http://www.capetowntv.org Lendyll Naicker

    Dear Friends

    I’m the Acquisitions Co-ordinator of an independent, free-to-air TV
    station based in the Western Cape. Cape Town TV would like to propose a
    system that provides exposure to [both local and international]
    independent filmmakers. Please take a read and should any questions arise just pop me a mail.

    Best Regards

    Lendyll Naicker


    Cape Town Television (CTV) is a non-profit organization established as a
    community television service to serve the greater Cape Town metropolitan
    region and has been broadcasting since September 2008. CTV is interested in
    all genres of filmmaking and encourages filmmakers to submit their films for

    Access to film festivals in Cape Town have generally been very limiting
    to the majority of people living here- owing to where cinemas are based and
    the cost of attending the screening. As such, Cape Town TV would like to
    propose a system that will take independent media to the small screen.

    We are encouraging filmmakers to use CTV as a medium through which
    independent work can be showcased, whether it is shot on cell phones,
    consumer video cameras or more high-end cameras. We have a potential
    audience of 2.5 million people living in our footprint. We do not limit our acquisitions to local films but also actively seek national and international content

    CTV is committed to providing local audiences with independent,
    alternative media that would promote freedom of expression and access to
    information. This would in turn empower people to tell their own stories. We
    are not in the position to pay licensing fees currently, but we do provide
    non-exclusive broadcast. A ten second sting with contact details could be
    attached at the start and end of all content received, providing filmmakers
    with added exposure and a platform to market their work.

    More information on the channel is available on our website

    Send your DVD (Marked Cape Town TV Film Fest), as well as a signed
    Letter of Consent, allowing Cape Town TV permission to broadcast the
    content, non-exclusively, and for a period of 24months to:

    Lendyll Naicker
    Acquisitions Co-ordinator
    P.O Box 13863
    Cape Town
    South Africa

  • Jacqueline Daniels

    Hello Brother Amani, (Appreciated your interview with Mr. TJ Holmes!)

    Don't know if you would be interested in this idea or how far you are willing to travel for a news-worthy story, but I have a friend in VA whose son was a West Point Cadet and a “good son” that was killed in Iraq. In her healing process she wrote a book and a friend of hers wrote a song for his memorial service. There is a scholarship formed in his name at his school which is possibly the first of its kind for an African American student that graduated from a Military Based School and there will be a fund raiser for the Scholarship in VA. Please give an ear to the song and let me know what you think. This is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQIvp3AeOj4. I have been told the book is dynamic also!

  • http://www.blackloveandmarriage.com Aiyana

    Nice Nice Site! Will definitely be back. I’m now following you on Twitter!

    ~Aiyana Ma’at


    DHILL aka eye am here live and in effect boyeee live from the state
    shape like a gun 4sho sun…Peace celestial one hope all is well with Fam…However reading through your blogs good work however eye dont
    see no Nu wau pu science nowhere at all or ancient mystic order science
    or Our MASTER MASON whats happening sun holla at me..You and Reggie went to Atlanta and just disconnect with The GOD BODY… here in Tampa
    DHILL….im out…813 369 1543

  • dinahcreates

    Hello Amani! So glad to hear from you. Amani, this is Dinah.

  • dinahcreates

    I like this video.

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