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Monday, October 4th, 2010

CNN’s Rick Sanchez fired: the discussion

by Amani Channel

If you haven’t heard, CNN’s Rick Sanchez was fired from the network on Friday.

It happened after Sanchez made comments about comedian Jon Stewart, his employer CNN, and Jews during a satellite radio interview last Thursday.

The issue was debated on CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday.

Monday, October 26th, 2009


by Amani Channel

Here’s a news demo from an aspiring journalist in Atlanta named Jerry Askin. He’s looking for feedback, so if you’re a professional in the news business, leave a comment with some helpful advice.

Saturday, August 29th, 2009


by A.man.I

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009


by A.man.I

I’ve had my fair share of covering hurricanes and tropical storms, and last year I stayed busy working the storm season as a freelance correspondent for HDNews. The high def news operation was owned by Cablevision, and I was assigned out of the southeast bureau.

The first half of the summer was relatively quiet, but once the storms started hitting, it was on. Mario Page and I covered a total of four storms last year, T.S. Fay, Hurricane Gustavo, T.S. Hanna, and Hurricane Ike.

T.S. Fay Movie

Twitter really became an effective tool for sharing what I was seeing from the field. Using the hash tags for each storm, I was able to gain a number of follers who were interested in the storms. In addition to Twitter, I posted all of our news stories to my blog, I did some live streaming, and took photos.

Hurricane Ike by far did the most damage out of all of the storms. Mario and I were assigned to cover the aftermath when residents were allowed to return home to Galveston. We turned several stories, and ended up along the Bolivar Penninsula, which was devestated.

My thoughts and prayers have been with those who lost everything. I wonder how recovery is going?

MUR Ike Movie

HDNews Version

Monday, August 17th, 2009


by A.man.I


I was recently interviewed by Atlanta web designer/social media trainer Desiree Scales about video on the web and production. If you have general questions about video production, please check out the podcast.

Desiree has been in the web design game for a minute, and she’ll be featured in an upcoming episode of MediaConnection. Stay tuned.


For all you fans of news blogs, you have to check out ViewFinderBlues by the one and only Lenslinger aka Stewart Pittman. I’ve been following this reporter-turned-photographer ever since I entered the blogosphere.

One of his recent posts, titled Depleting the Breed really struck a chord.

…now I’m seeing folks whom I figured would die with a station logo on their tit leave the fold for jobs that don’t involve live trucks or nightly deadlines.

It’s a sad truth, the biz ain’t what it used to be. Hats of to everyone who is hanging tuff.


I’m sure that just about every TV news pro in the Atlanta market has checked out veteran newsman Doug Richards’ LiveApartmentFire. He’s been providing a daily dose of local news analysis for a minute now.

It looks like his Doug’s love for covering murder and mayhem on the streets of metro Atlanta could only be pacified by returning to the streets. He’s now at WXIA-TV 11Alive News.

I think his blog is even better because he’s in the thick of things providing a unique glimpse of daily newsroom antics. I think his blog will be a good PR/branding tool for the station as well. Doug, has the station put any restrictions on your blog? I wonder.

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009


by A.man.I

Sue Rodman, an Atlanta PR professional turned blogger shared some exciting news about a new segment on CBS 46 that features her blog FieldTripsWithSue.

I’ve known Sue for about a year and recently interviewed her on MediaConnection.

A couple of weeks ago she called me asking for my thoughts about an opportunity at WGCL-TV. The station was interested in featuring her on a segment that would highlight her blog. I told her that you can’t pay for that kind of exposure, and give it a shot.

This is the e-mail I just received from her:

I thought you guys might be interested in what I’m doing with CBS. Amani, thanks for your advice.

I had contacted CBS before the summit about doing a segment on Better Mornings Atlanta. Thought it might be good PR for the blog. After the summit, they contacted me and wanted me to do a weekly segment. I am now doing a segment twice a month (thought that would take advantage of the opportunity, but not commit me to a full time volunteer job — link love is the only payment at this point.)

Here’s a link to my blog post. I’m going to post something like this after each segment. In exchange, they are posting the link on Blog Stew with everyone else (although I did get them to move mine up to the top of the list), posting the video from the segment there and posting a link on the Better Mornings links.

Sue is already a respected media professional in Atlanta, but this is an example of how social media and traditional news can converge to provide community coverage.

I’m sure that more kid friendly venues will be reaching out to Sue after her appearance, and her blog traffic will probably increase. By reaching out to bloggers, CBS Atlanta could gain a competitive edge by being the first metro Atlanta news station to adopt a more participatory model. There are certainly other things the station can do to create two-way news conversations, but this is a start.

We’ll have to see what CBS Atlanta is able to cook up with the Blog Stew.

Monday, August 10th, 2009


I told just about everyone I met at the NABJ Conference that anyone who is seeking employment needs to polish their digital skills.

The job below is an example of that. Thanks to Doug Mitchell for the heads up, and good luck!

from e-mail

We are looking for a digital journalist to join our content management team that produces JournalNow, our award-winning Web site.

Here are the skills we value:
Web Design/ Development – The candidate should have a firm grasp of 21st century web skills and use standards-based XHTML and CSS to create web projects. Good visual design skills. It would also be desirable for the candidate to have experience adding and organizing content to a content management system.

Multimedia – The candidate should have some mix of skills in audio/video collecting, audio/video editing, Flash design/ development and photo editing.

Journalism – Ideally, the candidate has an educational and/or occupational background in Journalism – especially if he/she has done web journalism or narrative multimedia. Needs to understand journalistic ethics/journalistic mission and should be able to work in a fast paced, high stress environment and retain a committed sense of urgency. Must have a flexible schedule and understand the realities of working in an industry with operations on a 24/7/365 cycle.

Editing/Problem Solving – candidate must be a quick, efficient and thorough copy editor, quickly produce creative web solutions to creative print layouts. When working night shifts one often works alone, so the candidate must be capable of independent work and possess excellent problem solving skills.

Customer Service – The web team is often the first point of contact for readers, so the ideal candidate will have excellent customer service skills and be able to efficiently handle the ever-varying host of problems that our diverse readership seeks help with.

Send your portfolio, or links to at least four examples of Web design and multimedia projects, along with a letter, resume, and the names of three references to: Michelle Johnson, team leader for breaking news and multimedia, at ajohnson@wsjournal.com.

Online applications can be made at: http://jobs.mediageneral.com

Saturday, August 8th, 2009


by A.man.I
Photo Courtesy Mario Page

Amani Channel NABJ Panel

The 2009 NABJ Conference
in Tampa, Florida is a wrap for me. It was a busy week of networking, catching up with old friends, making new ones, and sharing some knowledge.

On Wednesday, I participated in a daylong discussion about freelancing. The day included panel discussions, and break out sessions for the participants. We covered everything from how to structure your business, to sharing tips, and the mistakes we’ve made.

Thursday morning, I returned to WTVT-TV to visit my former station. It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since I worked in Tampa, and though the station has changed a bit, some things haven’t. The highlight of the day was running into veteran cameraman Marc Zewalk (WTVT-TV) at the conference. He interviewed me about my thoughts on the state of the media.

That afternoon I participated on another panel discussion organized by fellow Atlanta journalist Faith Murphy Knight entitled, “Lost Your Beat. Land on Your Feet.” The discussion focused on helping journalists figure out how to rebound after a job loss, or transition into another profession.

Here are a few observations:
The job fair was sparse: NBC wasn’t even even here this year, and normally that is the must visit company. It’s an indication of the state of the industry. Few are hiring, though one talent agent I spoke to said that people are being placed. It has to be extremely competitive.

Journalists seem to be behind the curve when it comes to digital and social media
: Many of the break out sessions focused on digital media, social media, or career transitioning. In general I believe that many traditional journalists will be replaced by a new generation of media makers who understand how to navigate social networks, report, write, and produce multi-media.

As a broadcast journalist, it is obvious that the one-man-band reporting jobs will soon dominate the industry. Most big market TV stations across the country are hiring video journalists, and one CBS news manager told me that he tells all veteran reporters to at least know how to edit, and all students to know how to do it all.

On top of that, jobs are being phased out to cut costs. My former station is finally getting robotic cameras which will put camera operators out of work. A new graphics system is now in place and the producers now create their own over the shoulder graphics, and like many shops, there have been layoffs.

I have to give a special thanks to the City of Tampa, WTVT-TV, the Tampa Bay Association of Black Journalists, NABJ, AABJ, FMK, Chad Soriano (thanks for the phots), Mario Page, Xavier with Rent-A-Center, Marc Zewalk, Daphne and Devin Channel, and all you storytellers who are trying to survive.


NABJ09 Flickr Photos

NABJ09 LeBron James event (live blog)

If you find any other good links share them, and I’ll post.

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