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My Urban Report is a multi-media blog that explores urban news, media issues, and the personal experiences of its founder Amani Channel.

Amani is an award-winning video producer and a specialist in traditional and new media.

He is the founder of Visual Eye Media, a company that helps businesses, organizations, and individuals leverage traditional and social media for marketing, promotions, and to build stronger relationships. Amani is also the content manager at Public Broadcasting Atlanta for Lens on Atlanta, the first regionally-focused online community in the country to be sponsored by public broadcasting.

Prior to joining PBA, Amani worked as a journalist. His content, commentaries, and reports have been featured on on NPR, APTN (Associated Press Television News), CNN, Headline News, Fox News Channel, BET, Black Family Channel, HDNews, and across the Web.

Amani has produced more than 170 podcasts for He shoots, edits, and is the talent for the citizen journalism-styled videos.

Amani speaks
at conferences, workshops, and universities across the country about traditional and new media. He’s taught video production at Kennesaw State University, Hillsborough Community College and the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Tampa, Fl.

He is currently working towards completing a Masters in Mass Communications from the University of South Florida. His thesis is titled: “Gatekeeping and Citizen Journalism: A Qualitative Examination of Participatory Media.”

Feel free to call Amani Channel at (404) 213-2121.

  • caitlin

    I like what you’re doing here! We’re a citizen journalism site that’s starting a live online show and I’m wondering if you’d like to do some My Urban Report video features.

    Thanks and check us out:

    - Caitlin

  • AJ

    Saw your interview of that fine lookin brotha from Ar Kansas… T.J. Holmes on UTube. It was FANTASTIC! Awesome.

    Well done to both of you.


  • Jason

    Hey I saw you on the CNN YouTube Debates responses here in Qatar, and remembered you were on FOX13 in Tampa. I didn’t even know you had left the station; just noticed its was less brothers/sisters on the air on FOX13; just the usual 3. This is a good forum you have going on here; just want to lend my support on your efforts. I will add your forum/blog/website to my links portion once I finish revamping my website after I redeploy.

    Good luck

    US Army
    Camp As Sayliah, Qatar

  • reeling-ripe mistake

    Room service? Send up a larger room — Groucho Marx

  • Jen

    Good stuff my friend, good stuff.

  • Fred

    Happy New Year, man! You’ll never believe how I found your site… but I am so glad I did and it’s very cool. Keep up the good work, as you always did when we worked together. Email me when you can and let me know what’s going on in your life. Freddie

  • E.Cooper

    Hello, I’ve been reading your site and I love what you’re doing as well as your previous work. I’m a young black, female with a B.A. in Journalism (I start my masters in the Fall) and I admire any of us who’ve actually made it. I’m still aspiring to my full potential but so far it’s been pretty difficult. I was wondering if you have any advice for me, (I’m also in the Atlanta area) or better yet, know of any projects that I can find work on. I’m willing to volunteer/intern at this point. I’m just trying to learn as much as I can.

    I’d be happy to send you my resume.

    Thanks, and good luck to you.

  • Laura Tierney

    Hi Armani:

    I found this website by accident and wanted to say Hello. This website is really great and although I haven’t heard your NPR stuff I think it is wonderful that you are covering such an assortment of material. Keep up the good work!
    Laura from The Education Channel and Independents’ Film Festival in Tampa, FL

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