December 21st, 2008


by A.man.I

I received the link below, and thought about one of my first clients in Atlanta.

Looks like the woes continue.

from Cordy Tindell Vivian’s Notes (Facebook)

Dr. Stanley Pritchett
Office of the President
643 Martin Luther King, Jr., Drive, N.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30314-4140
Telephone (404) 739.1010
Fax (404) 739.1018
Message from the President

This message is part of our continuing effort to keep you informed about the challenges and opportunities facing Morris Brown College (MBC). First, let me thank all of you for your many efforts in support of MBC. We currently face a major obstacle and need your immediate support.

This past Monday, the Mayor’s Office disconnected the water service for MBC, because of past due bills. The City refuses to discuss the actual amount which is due. The water issue was on the news where it was reported that Morris Brown owes $100,000. In a good faith effort to resolve the bill, the college made a payment of $20,000 towards an earlier agreement where we missed the November (2008) payment. However, since receiving the recent payment of $20,200, the Mayor’s Office has refused to reconnect services, and is now stating that we owe and must pay $380,000.

Of course, most of the bill is aged between 3 – 5 years, and the bill is included in the college’s recovery plan that is well underway. We have developed a new and comprehensive business plan prepared with the assistance of Howard University Business School. We are working with the CEO of a local bank to restructure the outstanding debt of the College. Both are part of the College’s Recovery Plan to enable MBC to apply for accreditation.

Today (Friday, December 19, 2008), I was interviewed by Channel 11 (NBC) News. The interview should air on the six o’clock news. There were 240 students enrolled at MBC this fall. Presently, those students are on holiday break and are due to return on January 12, 2009. Unless the water services are restored, MBC cannot reopen. Again, we are asking for your prayers and for your financial support.

Let us work in unity to restore our institution!

Stanley J. Pritchett
Acting President

MUR EPISODE: Morris Brown College – The Shoot

Morris Brown College Urgent Campaign

  • http://www.firstrulegroup.com Clarence C. Young III

    My corporation will be gifting Morris Brown College 1 million preferred shares, par value $1 million, of stock in our corporation in person this Saturday. The anticipated dividends payable to the college over the next 3 to 5 years should not just completely wipe its debts but fund it for decades into the future. We reviewed the past mistakes, present re-organization plan and believe. We are also working with some of our customers to assist the college and will be providing all of the technology, software, database servers and such required to manage its upcoming telethon. We believe. You should too. Follow our path. This college deserves to survive. We only wish we had known earlier. But, their bridge loan should be a “lock” with what we are providing the college.

  • Dave Brown

    Even if saved Morris Brown at best should function as a unior College for the other universities in the area. For years Morris Brown has been the butt of all AUC jokes, beacause Academically it’s been deemed inferior..let’s not forget that. The reason we send out childern to college is to get an education, never once in the arguemnet to save morris Brown have I heard anyone bring up the past graduation rate or job after college rate…that’s because it terrible! Morris Brown although historic needs to shut down..I’m not concerened with the bruised ego’s of the administration, I’m concerned with the brusied ego that graduates with that Morris Brown degree in hand and realizes he or she has just put themselves in the hole $50,000 dollars for a degree worth $25….

    Lastly, how dare they act as though the city of atlanta did them wrong..you have haven’t paid your water bill in 3-5 years..it should’ve been cut off!!! Morris Brown’s administration had a chance to save the school when Tom Joyner offered to purchase it, but once again Negro’s with Ego’s got in the way!

  • LawrenceQ

    What is the status of this story? Will Morris Brown survive, or fold? I wish them good luck, but all of this drama has hurt them a great deal.

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