November 5th, 2008


Change has come to America.
-Barack Obama, United States President Elect

by Amani Channel

Change was the anthem. Change became a movement. Now we’re witnessing history.

I hope that Barack Obama’s presidency inspires everyone to dream big, strive for the best, and unite.

Only in America.


Exodus Mentality – I’ve been moved to silence, and that’s no small thing. The first family, looks like my family, feels like my family. When President Obama spoke about the 106 year old woman in GA, I was thinking about my 101 year old grandmother, whose story he was telling. I’ve heard it from her.

– We did it – we jettisoned the right-wing and its failed policies out into deep space tonight and made history in the process. We did it with a diverse coalition of citizens – people who look like the America of the future, not the past.

MartyBLOSGs – One word…HISTORY!!!

  • Dave

    Great news! I was so worried we’d have another botched election, but Obama won easily. If only he didn’t have to take over after Bush screwed everything up so royally… he is one of the most intelligent presidents we’ve had in a long time, but he’ll have a tough job ahead because of that. But if anyone is up to it, he is. Can’t wait to see him and his family help Bush move out of the White House!

  • http://www.brosperspective.blogspot.com Brothers’ Blog

    The still seems surreal to me. I was downtown in Chicago and knew it was happening. But when I woke up this morning I had to turn on the news just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. This is a great day in history!

  • http://tyronetakesamerica.com Tyrone

    Another word…opportunity.

    On all levels of society…Ears are open, minds are changing. This image has given us the chance we have been waiting for!

  • http://blogs.creativeloafing.com/freshloaf/2008/11/07/atlanta-blogs-today-67/ Atlanta blogs today | Fresh Loaf

    [...] When he mentioned the 106-year-old Atlanta woman who cast a vote for him, it reminded Amani at My Urban Report of his own 101-year-old [...]

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