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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

How to become a reporter (make a resume tape)

I often meet college students who are interested in working in news, more specifically, on air, but are ill equipped to really get a job.

The main reason is that they haven’t put in the work needed to become on camera talent.

As I explained in the previous post, you have to show that you are willing to go the extra mile for starters, but there is more to it than that.

If you want to be on air, you will need a demo or resume tape. This is what news directors need to see to determine if they want to hire you or not.

Whenever there is a job opening for talent, a station will receive hundreds of tapes, so yours better stand out.

Watch this video to learn how you can get one produced. If you want an example, watch mine.

Monday, September 26th, 2011

How do you get a TV news or media job?

People often ask me, “How did you get into the TV or video production business? Did you go to school for it?”

Yes I did. But that’s only part of the formula. My father repeatedly told me that I had to be better than the best at whatever I did.

I volunteered while in college, and worked on-air and behind the scenes as a producer. One opportunity led to another, and in 1998, I was offered a job in Tampa at WTVT, Fox 13 News.

I probably got the job in part because the news director in Tampa, knew the news director at the Washington D.C. station where I was working at the time. “They” say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, but it doesn’t end there.

The news business is demanding. You often have to move around. The hours can be down right brutal sometimes and unfair. If you want to work in TV news, get over it.

It’s called paying your dues, and the price can be high.

Watch video on YouTube

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Another Shade of Information Re-mixed: Media Jedi #1

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, in fact, I have had mixed thoughts about maintaining My Urban Report, or continuing to post here.

This blog evolved from my work at Black Family Channel, and the network’s goal of launching a citizen journalism show.

As I researched and learned about SM, blogs were often stated to be the back bone of citizen journalism, and to have a more complete understanding of the blogosphere, I decided to start this site. The show that I was working on was called UR TV or Urban Report TV, so you can see where My Urban Report came from.

Yes. I am The Urban Reporter, and that will probably never change. When I started blogging there were few professional journalists in the space, and mainstream media wasn’t at all on the bandwagon. Now, everyone is at the party, and there a plenty of niche sites that cater to urban news and info. TheRoot, and TheGriot for starters. Plus there are plenty of blogs that focus on family life, urban news, and info as well like, HealthyBlackMen, and BlackAndMarriedWithKids.

Yes. I enjoy sharing my perspective, and this vlog has been a great creative outlet. It’s help me brand myself, and my area of expertise. I’ve gotten the opportunity to travel and speak around the country, I’ve gotten great business leads, and landed a couple of jobs thanks my social media presence.

That being said, I’ve refocused my creative efforts of late. In February, I joined forces with Chip Dizard to create a new site that is strictly focused on sharing web video and production tips. It’s called Web Video Chefs. Since our goal is to develop and sell video training products, I’ve found myself spending more time cooking up video production recipes.

Then, the other night, I had this idea. I’ve always wanted to spit the real about my news, and media experiences. You see, there is a darker side, and uncut, raw side that I’ve always wanted to share. I’ve decided that I’m not going to hold back anymore. I want to be share the highs and lows of the media business. If you want to know how we make the sausage, I’m going to give it to you. If you want to ask me a question, please do so, and I won’t hold back. I want to introduce you to the media jedi, and this is just the beginning.

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