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Friday, October 29th, 2010

I’ll Always be a Rogue (Identify the Foe)

by Salim Channel

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

The Pulse Network – social TV in the making

by Amani Channel
#bwe10 @maggierulli

So, you’ve probably heard of the term Web TV or Internet TV, but social TV? That’s what a relatively new online network based in Boston, MA calls itself.

The Pulse Network launched on June 14, 2010 and is one of the newest players in the online video space. It has the endorsement of people like social media guru Chris Brogan, and video blog champion Steve Garfield who host shows on the network.

According the Website:

The Pulse Network is a new alternative to traditional media,” says Nick Saber Co-Founder and President of The Pulse Network. “TV and Radio audiences are fragmenting while online streaming and consumption of video and audio content is increasing. The Pulse Network engages its audience in a rich multi-media environment. Our hosts provide smart and insightful analysis on the biggest stories of the day and use the timeliness of social media to advance the dialogue while providing a three hundred and sixty degree perspective to keep you informed.

The question is: how will The Pulse Network sustain and grow such an ambitious and robust TV platform? I’m sure there are plenty of people who would like to have a live presence online, but there are plenty of “social” video destinations already, from UStream, to Justin.TV, and Livestream just to mention a few. And most if not all of the sites have some form of social functions like Twitter and Facebook integration. Then there are sites like Blip.tv, and the big daddy, YouTube which offer free video channels.

What I think this network could add is not only higher visibility, but some credibility for social TV. Since The Pulse Network is partnering with TV and social media pros, it could become a destination for quality live content.

Anyway, I caught up with Maggie Rulli at BlogWorld10. Rulli hosts a daily financial show on the network.

She is certainly excited about The Pulse, but didn’t say how or if the talent is being paid, and couldn’t offer any insights into the overall monetization strategy.

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Cool ways to produce video @BlogWorld

by Amani Channel
#bwe10 @kodakcb

If you are into video blogging, Web video, or pocasting, you would have had a blast at the 2010 BlogWorldExpo. I sat in on several sessions related to online multi-media production, and I presented on Friday about mobile vlogging.

Aside from that, many of the exhibitors offered products and services that focused on video as well.

For screencast enthusiasts, Telestream, the makers of ScreenFlow, and TechSmith, the makers of Camtasia were on hand to demonstrate the software. I’ve been using ScreenFlow for a while and have produced a number of tutorials with it. I haven’t gotten my hands on the latest version, but will probably be making that move. Camtasia is impressive as well. The interface is simple, and it appears to be an alternative option for editing video.

For those of you interested in creating an interactive talk show, you may want to check out Vokle . Think about a video version of your BlogTalkRadio show. Vokle allows multiple hosts/guests, you can preview people before you take them live for questions, and there are a host of other cool features.

Sony apparently was giving away its new Vloggie pocket camera. I was looking for the booth, but never made it so I can’t tell you about it’s features, but Loren over at 1838Media managed to get his hands on one and interviewed Sony about the product.

The Kodak booth on the other hand was hard to miss. I spent some time chatting with Jenny Cisney who has a great Twitter presence for the brand. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Kodak is setting the bar for pocket cameras (as far as I know).

Question for you: can you spot my microphone?

Monday, October 18th, 2010

A quick @BlogWorld wrap

by Amani Channel
#bwe10 @dave_blogworld

My first BlogWorldExpo experience is a wrap. I managed to survive Las Vegas without breaking my bank (I left up $30), and had a great time making new friends and catching up with people who continue to inspire me as I blaze my own trail in this new media world.

I first of all want to thank Dave Cynkin and Rick Calvert for having the vision to start this event four years ago. I met Dave at SXSW earlier this year, and ran into Rick right after I picked up my pass on Thursday.

Atlanta’s social media community was in the house. Regator had a booth, and I ran into several friends from the A, and met a few more in Vegas as well.

Here are some of my takeaways:

Podcasting, video blogging, and live streaming is hot, but the challenge for many is making money (check out the AffiliateTip blog for more on that).

The real value in attending these conferences is in the relationships that are established and built.

The social media community is diverse and vibrant. When I say diverse, I don’t mean in color (as Wayne Sutton pointed out). I certainly wish there was more minority representation at BlogWorld, but what I did find was people from diverse backgrounds, interests, and professions.

I need to build my monetization strategy around my expertise (video) and passion (video).

I truly enjoy presenting and teaching, and hope everyone who attended my session on mobile vlogging walked away with something.

I gotta send shout outs to Adria Richards (you always help me think about my business), Scott Hanselman (for all of your great ideas), Syed Balkhi (a fellow Gator and online entrepreneur), Wayne Sutton (for repping the community well), Kodak & KodakCB (for the Play Sport video camera), and anyone who I shook hands with, or exchanged information with at the conference.

I’ll be sharing more in the days to come, but for now… PEACE!!

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

3 sites for sharing mobile video

by Amani Channel
@blogworld #bwe10

If you see me at BlogWorld, best believe I’ll have some kind of camera with me.

My video camera of choice these days is the Kodak Zi8. It’s pocket camera similar to the Flip, but has better features in my humble opinion.

If I want to share a video with my online network immediately, I’ll use my iPhone.

There are three sites that work great for sharing video from a mobile or smartphone:

1. Kyte.tv


With a Kyte consumer account, you can set up multiple channels for your content. For example you can set up a channel for family videos, and another channel for a talking head vlog. What I like best is the embedable widget that has a chat feature, and allows you to either post a specific videos, or it will automatically update the player with the most recent video that you post. Kyte can also be configured to send a tweet when a new video is uploaded.

2. Qik.com


Qik is probably the most well known site for producing live mobile videos, and sharing recorded mobile content.

What I like about Qik is that it will also automatically upload the video to YouTube and share it with Facebook, and Twitter.



If you’re familiar with TwitPic, or yfrog, that’s exactly what TwitPic is except for video. Once your video is uploaded, it will send out a Tweet to your network.

This article explains TwitVid in great detail.

I’ll be sharing more information about mobile vlogging at the 2010 Blog World Expo. My presentation is on Friday at 2:45p.m. I hope to see you there.

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010


#miners #chile


This story almost made me tear. I can’t imagine what these miners and their families have endured, but it has to be a good feeling to share an embrace like this.

An angel or two was watching over these guys.

CBS has live video from the rescue which continues.

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Learn how to vlog with your smartphone @BlogWorld

by Amani Channel

Producing video for the Web has never been easier. With pocket cams like the Flip, and my favorite, Kodak’s Zi8, you’re one button away from being able to create visual content for your online audience.

Smartphones also play a major role in the video game these days. The picture quality continues to improve, and thanks to apps, it has never been easier to capture video then share it instantly.

There are several applications and sites that make it easy. There’s Kyte.tv,Qik, TwitVid, and several others that allow you to either stream video live, or shoot it and upload it quickly to the the Web.

I’ll not only be sharing some tips about mobile vlogging at BlogWorld 2010, I’ll share some best practices to help you shoot great video with your cell phone. Cell phone video can even be edited later.

If you want to learn more stay tuned to my tweets, keep it tuned to my blog, or check out my BlogWorld presentation this Friday at 2:45p.m.

In the meantime, here’s one of my video adventures that was shot with my iPhone 3GS and edited on Final Cut Pro/Adobe Premier Pro.

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

CNN’s Black in America 3: Almighty Debt

by Amani Channel

Soledad O’Brien talks to MyUrbanReport

I was invited to to hang out with the bloggers at CNN headquarters for the third installment of Black In America. This was a town hall meeting that was taped as part the program. The topic: Almighty Debt.

Host Soledad O’Brien, Bishop T.D. Jakes, clinical social worker and public relations executive Terrie Williams, syndicated columnist Michelle Singletary, FBCLG senior pastor Rev. Dr. DeForest Soaries, pollster Cornell Belcher and others were part of the discussion.


ph: E. M. Pio Roda / CNN

CNN just shared a preview copy of the special with me, so I’ll have more once I digest the content.

6:50p.m. Soledad O’Brien enters the bloggers lounge and answers a few questions (on crutches).

6:55p.m. Soledad enters studio.

7:00p.m. Soledad introduces the town hall meeting. She explains the taping format. Conversation will start soon. She says it’s okay use cell phones during the discussion.

7:01p.m. Twitter hashtag is #blackinamerica

7:05p.m. Soledad tapes show intro. She does it in one take.

7:10p.m. After taping a series of show breaks, O’Brien interviews Bishop T.D. Jakes and Rev. Dr. DeForest Soaries about debt, the church, and Black America.

7:28p.m Taping continues. Hurry up and pause. Start recording.

7:36p.m. Conversation continues. You’ll have to watch the finished product on Oct. 21 at 9p.m.


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