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Saturday, August 28th, 2010

The real King’s dream

Friday, August 27th, 2010

“Hide your kids, hide your wife” YouTube star tells the rest of the story

from TheGriot

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Soulja Boy’s big PR problem (Kat Stacks strikes again!)

by Amani Channel

I don’t think that Soulja Boy’s publicist is getting much sleep at the moment. The gossip and entertainment blogs are having a field day with the video that rap groupie Kat Stacks made at the Intercontinental Hotel in Buckhead.

She not only claims that the rapper has a substance abuse problem, she gives a quick tour of the hotel room and shows what appears to be lines of a white powdery substance.

I won’t go all into it, but Stacks is a vulgar young lady who’s made a name for herself by bragging about her sexual exploits with rappers.

IF what’s in the video is true, Soulja Boy is going to have to go on the defense, and quickly to help salvage the damage.

Although I’m not really a fan, it’s a shame that anyone’s career could be destroyed by an act of stupidity.

Soulja Boy built his career off of Internet videos and now this one video could be his undoing.

If I were advising him how to manage the situation, he needs to create a Web video message today, to counter Kat Stack’s damaging allegations (Soulja Boy sent a Tweet denying the allegations).

Since it is possible that the video is true Soulja should, 1) apologize to all of his fans about his decision to associate himself with Stacks; 2) recognize and admit that he has a substance abuse problem, and seek treatment immediately, and 3) find a non-profit to work with and develop a partnership to talk to kids about the dangers of drugs, and having sex with fame hungry groupies.

Soulja Boy made a promise in 2008 to be a positive role model, and there’s nothing exemplary about his “relationship” with Stacks, or the image that is now in the minds of many of his fans.

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Check Deez

by Amani Channel

OliverWillis – Shirley Sherrod may be considering returning to the USDA.
Police in Orlando, Florida tazer a 3-year-old boy (WFTV-TV)
BlackWeb2.0 shares a list of the 100 most powerful Black women.
Fantasia Barina speaks out about her suicide attempt. (NecoleBitchie)
Being fat can cost you at an Atlanta nail salon. (StraightfromtheA)
BlackTreeTV interviews Spike Lee about his new Hurricane Katrina documentary that is airing on HBO (Pt. 2 is tonight)

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Urban Report

by Amani Channel

It all started four years ago today. Oh, the places I’ve gone and people I’ve met.

Since this comes on the heels of my 200th YouTube MUR video.

Please check out some of my favorite adventures here.

You can also watch my videos at YouTube, Blip.tv, Metacafe, Veoh, or DailyMotion.

How do I do it? TubeMogul.

Thanks for inspiring me to do what I do.

Much love & PEACE!!

-Amani Channel aka A.man.I “The Urban Reporter”

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Arrested Development is standing Strong

by Amani Channel

If you fondly remember hits like Tennessee, Mr. Wendel, and People Everyday, you may be wondering what happened to the group Arrested Development.

Back in the 90′s conscious rap had a place on mainstream airwaves, and A.D. was among the top selling groups.

That was then, and this is now. Popular hip hop tunes now tend to focus on the flashy things in life, but you may not have realized that A.D. is still together touring the world, and rocking shows.

A.D’s front man Speech first sat down with MUR in 2007 to share his thoughts on music, and explain where the band caught its second wind.

Fast-forward to 2010, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that A.D. is still keeping true to its political, uplifting roots.

The groups latest release “Strong” is a refreshing record that will give new and old fans alike a glimpse at hip hop’s past, with a modern sound that will keep your head nodding, while feeding your soul, and mind.

On Saturday, October 21, MUR was invited to get a glimpse at what the world has been buzzing about at Atlanta’s Moods Music during a two-hour Meet and Greet.

For example, “The World is Changing,” a melodic track the features an upbeat acoustic guitar riff was on MTV’s top 10 list overseas in Japan.

That was just one of the songs A.D. performed during the four-song set Saturday.

After a 45 minute Q&A with host Jodine Dorce, A.D. put on an unplugged performance that opened with the first track off the new record called “Bloody.”

Take a listen, and let me know if you think there’s a place for A.D. in the States. I sure hope so, for hip hop’s sake.

Click here for YouTube version.

By the way, if you didn’t know, A.D. hails from Atlanta. On Thursday, August 26, the group returns to its roots with a concert at Chastain Park with Tears for Fears.

If you want to hear more, I’ll post more from the Meet and Greet. Just let me know.

The Pace Report
Harlem World

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

TJ Holmes interviews woman who “sparked” Dr. Laura’s racist rant

by Amani Channel

I read this morning that Sarah Palin wants Dr. Laura to fight back, but kill that! I hope she gets of the mic and never breathes on one again.

It sounded like she had waited her whole life to use the n-word on air, and she provided no help to Nita “Jade” Hanson.

I’ve been waiting to hear the other side, and I’m glad that American Morning scored this interview.

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Some basic blogging advice

by Amani Channel

I just realized that I’m approaching my 4th anniversary of blogging. Four whopping years! That means I’m not quite out of blogging pre-school yet.

I’m still riding with my blogging training wheels, but I know that some haven’t even jumped on the blogging wagon yet, so I feel comfortable sharing some advice.

For me, blogging had been a great creative outlet, a way to share both personal and professional experiences and information, and it has definitely helped me build my personal brand.

I’m realizing that there are a lot more people out there who may be just learning about or thinking about starting a blog. So, here are a few thoughts that are inspired from a question via Twitter from Jatika Hudson who writes at RootToLife.

1. Link to other content, and blogs. Blogging is about participating in conversations, and there are plenty. If you find yourself writing about a certain topic, search for news or other posts that may provide context, similar, or alternative perspectives. Always link, link, link. When you show a little link love, you’ll generally get some love back, which can help increase your blog traffic.

2. Create a blogroll. A blogroll is a way to suggest to other blogs or sites that your readers. Again, it’s all about links.

3. Make your content shareable. There are different widgets that allow readers to Tweet, Facebook, or bookmark your post. If your readers like your content, they may want to share it with their network. Make it easy for them to do so.

4. Include multimedia content. Photos, video, or audio is a great way to keep visitors engaged.

5. Post regularly. There’s nothing like clicking on a blog only to find that the owner doesn’t maintain it. Your readers are more likely to come back if you post regularly. Everyday is probably best, but once a week at a minimum. Check out Justin Kownacki’s post about his findings related to daily vs. weekly posting – it’s good stuff.

6. Try to find a consistent subject to blog about, or better yet find a niche. You can easily brand yourself as an expert in a certain subject if you focus on one specific subject.

7. Don’t expect to monetize your blog immediately if at all. There are ways to do it, but in nearly four years the money I’ve made off of Google Ads is minimal. I’m not saying that it can’t be done, but it takes work, the right content, and a strategy.

8. Don’t make your posts too lengthy. The shorter the better. People’s attention spans are short, and getting shorter by the tweet. Share a thought or two, get in and out.

9. Share your posts with your FB or Twitter network. You can even automate the process. (Watch my tutorial)

10. Install an analytics tool like Statcounter or Google Analytics. Reviewing your site stats will help you figure out what you’re doing right.

For me blogging is a way to communicate with friends, possible business partners, and the greater social media community. I’ve enjoyed being able to share my experiences, thoughts, and news and info with the greater social media community.

For more information, do a Google search, and you will find an abundance of advice on the subject.

Thanks for the question, and thanks for reading.

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