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Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Check Deez

by Amani Channel

Social Media Today shares some great sites to help you monitor Twitter conversations, your influence, and other interesting tidbits.

ReelSEO discusses issues related to viral videos and the impact on sales.

For my iPhone video producers, here’s an oldie but goodie from SocialWayne that features mounts and tripods for the iPhone.

Justin Kownacki
shares some thoughts about self-censorship and social media. Do you say or write what you really think?

Shaun King has been doing amazing work to help Haiti. Check out this blog post to see how he is making a difference.

Classic MUR Episode “WonderRoot Studio
Learn more about WonderRoot

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Erykah Badu Gets Butterball Naked in Controversial Video

by Amani Channel

Erykah Badu has generated a bit of interest in her new single “Window Seat” from “New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh).”

Not only did Badu shoot a guerilla music video (her production company didn’t get any city permits for the shoot), she also strips down to nothing.

That’s not the only thing that has raised eyebrows. Badu, who is from Dallas Texas, and filmed the video in Dallas, appears to imitate the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in the video.

The Dallas Morning News has a full rundown of the situation:

It shows her getting out of a 1960s Lincoln Continental near Dealey Plaza, then walking toward the Texas School Book Depository, peeling off clothes as she walks.

As she gets nude, near the spot where Kennedy was shot, a gunshot rings out, and she falls to the pavement. A blue liquid seeps from her head, as if it were blood.

The article also quotes CNN and Badu’s Twitter feed:

She said she knew there were children nearby as she was stripping, and added, “i prayed they wouldnt b traumatized.”

She also said that adults nearby were yelling at her, “THIS IS A PUBLIC PLACE : YOU OUGHTA BE ASHAMED : PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON : DAMN GIRL! etc.”

I’m all for guerilla shoots, and I’m sure that this will generate a viral buzz for her record, and video.

I guess we still can’t appreciate the natural state how we were all born.

What do you think?


Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Georgia Technology Summit Wrap and Video Links

by Amani Channel

I spent part of Wednesday at the Technology Association of Georgia’s 2010 Summit (Check out Lance Wheatherby’s live blog for a full rundown). It’s a great event for meeting some of the top innovators, start-up companies, and entrepreneurs in the state (I was invited to sit at the bloggers’ table).

The highlight for me was listening to both of the keynote speakers, Carlos Dominguez, Sr. VP of Cisco Systems, and Bert Ellis, an Atlanta entrepreneur who has a long history of investing in media and tech companies.

Dominguez spoke about change and basically told the audience that social media is the future. He also worked in some product placement of the Flip camera, and said that video is the big thing for online communications for businesses.

Ellis made a flashy entrance by riding into the Cobb Galleria ballroom in an electric car called a Wheego. Ellis said that 300 have been sold so far. He spoke about the changes in the television industry and said that pocket cameras are a part of the future of news. Ellis also shared some seasoned advice to entrepreneurs saying that you can’t be afraid to fail.

After Ellis’ presentation, I caught up with him and showed him my iPhone, the Owle, and some of the mobile apps that allow instant Internet video uploading and live streaming. I think that smartphones can play a role in newsgathering as well. Hopefully we’ll stay in touch. He has a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and his hands are in several ventures. It was a great connection.

Since my mind is now on video and media production, I wanted to share a few links that I’ve run across. Hopefully you’ll find the information valuable.

This post by PodcastingNews shares some helpful interview and sound gathering tips.

knows his stuff, and provides a comprehensive list of things you should know or try if you’re interested in stepping up your video production skills.

If you post videos to YouTube, the SEOptimiseBlog will help your video get found. Great tips.

Looking for 42 ways to use videos to brand, promote, and market your services? All you have to do is visit ReelSEO to get the 411.

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

How to be a Black Blogging Rockstar

Video produced by Adria Richards

I missed this panel discussion that Atlanta’s very own Maurice Cherry organized at SxSW, but thankfully it was captured on video. So the question was how do you become a Black blogging rockstar?

I shared my thoughts about it before I traveled to Austin.

JBrotherLove moderated the conversation, and was joined by Cherry, Clutch Magazine’s Deanna Sutton, and WhatAboutOurDaughers’ Gina McAuley.

I spend a good part of an afternoon in Austin trying to help Richards’ edit the video. There was some kind of technical problem with the video format, but she ended up figuring it out. Apparently she converted the video file on her PC, and edited it using ScreenFlow.

Watch panel

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Recovering from #SxSW (My Wrap)

by Amani Channel

The last few days have been a blur. From panel discussions, parties, keynote speeches, parties, mixers, parties, mingling, networking (did I mention parties), I can say I got a true digital/social media fix at South by Southwest. This picture sums it up.

I’ll start this post with a few thank yous. I have to thank the Open Video Alliance for sponsoring my trip. They took care of the conference registration, the hotel and airfare. Not a bad deal for creating a :60 second video.

I also have to thank Owle for sending me the Bubo to test out just in time for the conference. Everywhere I went, folks wanted to know what the heck I was holding. I was even asked to give a demo to for the Exsanguinator, Nat Higgenbottom.

Amani Channel at SXSW from Mr Nat Higginbottom on Vimeo.

I’ll share more about the Owle and what I think about it later. For now here is a summary of what I thought about Austin, and SxSW.

The weather was great (except for the last day), and so was the venue. There was waaay too much to do. Pacing was a must.

I used my iPhone to tweet and share video during the whole trip. Kyte.tv was my mobile video of community of choice

I also used Qik to live stream part of Mark Cuban’s discussion with Boxee’s Founder Avner Ronan.

I had a conversation with a Ustream rep, and will probably be testing out that platform to do some live video tutorial shows in the near future.

I met a lot of innovative people, and got a good deal of inspiration from my colleague and friend Adria Richards. She’s on top of her game, and if you have any questions about building a blog, or anything IT related tell her I sent you.

I was also impressed by a young social media star named Corvida who has a great blog.

My man James Andrews and his company did a great job hosting several mixers.

For my journalism friends, this is a must attend event. Forget the journalism conferences. You’re probably already behind the 8-ball, and if you’re looking for a job, I suggest you think of ways to make your own bread until we figure out how to make some scratch off of Internet content. Digital ventures are your best bet, but if you don’t get down with digital media, you may have a harder time competing.

All of you news GM’s to news directors, and field reporters are missing out, trust me. You’ll get much more out of something like this because in addition to the innovative journalism panels and pros like myself who are doing the new media thing, you’ll get a full immersion in everything digital from mobile apps to video games, and how technology is being used for social good. The future of journalism is being fueled by technology, and SxSW is where it is at.

Here are most of the videos I produced during SxSW with my iPhone. Who needs a sat truck, $30,000 camera, photographer, when you can do the same thing with what you have in your pocket?

My Kyte Videos:

How to be a mobile video producer
James Andrews Interview – Blacks in Tech @keyinfluencer
Super Producer Ryan Leslie Interview@ryanleslie
Jim Gaines Interview – Former Time Editor @jamesrgaines
Dom Interview Twitter co-founder shows off Square @Dom
David Cohn Interview – Spot.us founder talks about new journalism models. @digidave
Knocking Live Video Interview – Phone to phone video app. @
Amanda Congdon Interview – Talks vlogging @amazingamanda
Clip – Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote: (*Advisory – strong language) @garyvee
BlogWorld Interview- www.blogworldexpo.com
SavetheChildren SxSW Fundraiser

Other links:

CNN’s SxSW Wrap
Tech Cocktail
Umair Haque
Martin Whitmore’s Wrap
Jeremy Porter’s Wrap
Eric Schwartzman’s Wrap

If you see any good posts out there, I’ll add them to the list.

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

My First #SXSW

by Amani Channel

I’m headed to Austin Texas for the South by Southwest Interactive Conference. I’ll be video taping and sharing most of my trip but I’ve decided that I don’t need my big cameras or gear.

I’m confident that my iPhone will get the job done. I’ve been testing out the Owle Bubo, which is a nifty contraption that enhances the video and audio capabilities of the iPhone.

The kind folks at Owle sent me one to test. I’m loving it so far. The case is nice and sturdy and the unit comes with 37mm wide angle lens and an external mic that plugs into the headphone jack.

If I have room in my bags, I’ll also bring my tripod which will attach to the Owle case. I’ll share some pics and more video later. I’ve gotta finish packing and pick up my office. Then I’ll be on a 10am flight to Austin.

This trip is actually sponsored by the Open Video Alliance. I’m looking forward to my first SXSW experience.

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Record A Video Interview with Skype

by Amani Channel

I’ve been thinking about using Skype to record video interviews for sometime now, but only recently decided to try to do so.

If you’re just hearing about Skype, it’s a service that allows you to make voice and video calls via the Internet (it is free too). I use it every now and then, and it can be used to produce both audio and video podcasts (Desiree Scales used Skype for an audio interview with me not so long ago).

A few days ago by dad (Charlie Channel) called me up and asked me if I had Skype. “Of course,” was my response, so yesterday we tested it out. I was about to start an edit session, but got this wild idea to try to record the talk back at my editor’s suite.

So how did I do it?

Here’s the recipe for recording a Skype interview:
2 Webcams
A high speed Internet connection
A Skype account (the interviewer & interviewee)
Screen capture software

First we established our video conference, then I started recording my computer’s desktop using Screen Flow which allows you to record the action from your computer. I made sure that the program was set to record both the computer’s audio from the Net (my dad), and the computer’s external mic (me) so that the entire conversation was captured.

I then I enlarged the Skype video screen so that it filled my desktop. The video quality isn’t all that, but it works. Skype is becoming a favorite service by broadcast networks including CNN, and Oprah Winfrey uses it as well. It is much cheaper than booking satellite time for talkback interviews and the quality will surely get better.

I think that Skype has many uses for media relations and journalists. It could save time from actually driving to an interview. Going back to my early days in radio, it reminds me of a phone interview with video. You have to watch the framing, lighting and audio, but with a professional set up, the quality is acceptable for broadcast or the Web.

So how did the interview turn out? Take a look. BTW if you want to Skype me, my user name is Amani Channel.

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Crush It Like @GaryVee

by Amani Channel


Do you hear it? It’s that little voice in the back of your head that’s telling you that something else is out there. I know you hear it. It’s the whisper you hear everyday as you’re getting dressed for work, driving on the road, or wondering about your next career move. I know, because I hear it too. It’s the voice of freedom, success, and abundance.

How do you get there? Napoleon Hill would tell you to “Think It,” Nike would tell you to “Just do it,” and Gary Vaynerchuck says “Crush It.”

I just finished reading Vaynerchuk’s book, “Crush It: Why Now is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion“. If you haven’t heard of @GaryVee as he’s known on Twitter, I suspect you don’t watch many video blogs. He is the host of the “Thunder Show,” and his vlog “Wine Library TV” appeals to wine enthusiasts and those who can’t resist Vaynerchuk’s passionate, over the top wine reviews. Vaynerchuk is much more than a Web personality, he is a successful entrepreneur who lays out his personal road map for social media success in the book.

I enjoyed reading “Crush It” for several reasons: Vaynerchuk is inspiring, and his passion breathes through each word; He breaks down the science of social media for even novices and explains how communities like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr can help you build your brand; He has ideas about how journalists can use social media to build sustainable online news ventures; Finally, Vaynerchuk doesn’t sugar coat the fact that it takes a lot of passion, time, and the right strategy to build a successful personal brand.

I will take partial exception to Vaynerchuk’s perspective on video production. Though I agree that personality, being yourself and transparency work best on camera, I also think that you should always try to use professional techniques which include a mic, tripod, and always watch your lighting. Vaynerchuk basically says production quality doesn’t matter. If you have a personality as big as his, it probably doesn’t.

Speaking of Vaynerchuk, he’s participating in an entrepreneur seminar here in Atlanta in May. I’m involved with the event, and think that anyone who is serious about social media success should attend.

Stay Tuned

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