December 17th, 2009

Video production 1,2,3s

by Amani Channel


ElectroVoice RE20

This is a audio podcast I created in early 2009 after my dad bought a professional microphone for my studio.

My goal was to produce these regularly, which didn’t happen.

In this recording, I share the three steps of video production.

If you have any questions, tweet me @urbanreporter or @visualeyemedia.

I’m planning to step it up in 2010.

Please share any thoughts or feedback. Thanks.

  • Zack

    Your dad still buys you stuff?!! LOL! Just kidding. Cool video.

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  • Guest

    Video production can also help arrange and quickly apply new or changed techniques and guidelines, and will make sure that details is approved on in a more constant style. At some factor in the life of every organization elements modify, and with this modify comes modified techniques.

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