December 13th, 2009

The Canon 7D – the future of video

by Amani Channel

I’ve been taking notice of the great videos that are being produced with the Canon 7D.

In a prior post I wrote that the camera takes amazing video. The video below is proof.

The quality of the Canon 7D rivals that of much bigger HD video cameras.

I’ve had more than a week to recover from the Florida Gators’ loss in the SEC Championship game and actually enjoyed watching this recap courtesy Patrick Murphy-Racey.

SEC Championship Game 12.5.2009, GeorgiaDome from patrick murphy-racey on Vimeo.

I enjoyed watching the video so much, I also wanted to share the behind the scenes video he produced. Patrick, you may be new to video, but you definitely know how to shoot like a pro.

SECHD: how it was shot… by Patrick Murphy-Racey from patrick murphy-racey on Vimeo.

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