November 30th, 2009


by Amani Channel
from Visual Eye Media

I’m stepping up my efforts to engage in conversations via social media, and have decided to start producing video podcasts to help people create better DIY podcasts and vlogs.

While I want people to use my video production services, not everyone can hire a professional crew. The fact remains, however that the equipment is more affordable than ever.

What you can’t buy is experience and expertise, which is where I can help. This video is an anwer to Twitter friend/follower musicfan214 who wanted to know: What camera is best for YouTube/iTunes?

Here is a list of inexpensive cameras you may want to consider.  You may want to shop around. I found some alternative prices online.
1. Flip Camera Ultra – Standard Definition, no mic terminal, internal memory $149.00
2. Flip Camera HD Mino,Hi-Def, no mic terminal, internal memory $199.00
3. Canon ZR960 Standard Definition, Mic terminal/Mini DV (tape format) $250.00
4. Canon HD Camcorder FS/Vixia Series Hi-Def, flash memory mic terminal starting at $299.00

If you have a question for me, leave a comment, or tweet me @urbanreporter or @visualeyemedia.

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