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Monday, November 30th, 2009


by Amani Channel
from Visual Eye Media

I’m stepping up my efforts to engage in conversations via social media, and have decided to start producing video podcasts to help people create better DIY podcasts and vlogs.

While I want people to use my video production services, not everyone can hire a professional crew. The fact remains, however that the equipment is more affordable than ever.

What you can’t buy is experience and expertise, which is where I can help. This video is an anwer to Twitter friend/follower musicfan214 who wanted to know: What camera is best for YouTube/iTunes?

Here is a list of inexpensive cameras you may want to consider.  You may want to shop around. I found some alternative prices online.
1. Flip Camera Ultra – Standard Definition, no mic terminal, internal memory $149.00
2. Flip Camera HD Mino,Hi-Def, no mic terminal, internal memory $199.00
3. Canon ZR960 Standard Definition, Mic terminal/Mini DV (tape format) $250.00
4. Canon HD Camcorder FS/Vixia Series Hi-Def, flash memory mic terminal starting at $299.00

If you have a question for me, leave a comment, or tweet me @urbanreporter or @visualeyemedia.

Saturday, November 28th, 2009


“Information wants to be free, and the web, with services like Twitter, provides the easiest way for that to happen.”
MG Siegler – Tech Crunch This Is Why The Internet (And Twitter) Wins

Thursday, November 26th, 2009


Monday, November 23rd, 2009


by Amani Channel
from Visual Eye Media

Cell phone video has forever changed the way video is captured in shared. I own several cell phones that shoot video, a Treo 755, a Nokia N70 and now I primally use an iPhone 3GS. I like cell phones because they are small, inconspicuous and portable.

The drawback generally is with the video and audio quality. That being said, I’ve been impressed with how my iPhone handles video. The video camera quality fairly decent, and I’ve been experimenting with different sites that allow quick upload and sharing like Qik, Kyte, and Twit Vid. I must say that Kyte is one of my favorite communities.

I wrote a short article, and posted a tutorial on Visual Eye Media to demonstrate how to share video from your cell phone, and how to transfer video from your iPhone to Final Cut pro.


Wednesday, November 18th, 2009


by Amani Channel

Any broadcast news professional knows the dangers that go along with field reporting. There are hostile individuals who may take their aggression out on a crew. Hurricane coverage can get dicey, and then there are the live shots.

Any photographer or LTO (live truck operator) will tell you never to drive with the mast up. The mast is the “stick” that you see on top of live trucks that allows them to beam a live signal via microwave to the station. It’s probably more technical than that, but I’m no broadcast engineer.

Regardless, a local Atlanta news crew made a mistake that could have cost them their lives.


Channel 2 Action News reporter Tom Jones had just finished a live report with photographer Leonard Raglin at the Fulton County jail. They were driving from the jail when the mast, the telescoping pole that carries a microwave dish used to send video to the station, hit the power lines. The mast is supposed to be lowered if the truck is in motion.

Jones and his photog escaped with no major injuries. These guys are lucky to be alive to say the least, and there’s really no excuse for what happened. Mistakes like that occur when crews are rushing, and not paying attention.

A reporter should always double check with his photog to make sure the mast is down. I’m sure that Jones and his cameraman are counting their blessings because they could have been cooked.

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009


“It might have been a stretch to think that amateurs could do the same thing that story writers and trained journalists could do. There is a skill involved.”

-Bobby Tulsiani – LA Times article about Current TV’s shift away from citizen journalism

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009


by Amani Channel


The March of Dimes does a great job of engaging the social media community in its fight against premature birth. I found out via Twitter that November is Preemie Awareness Month, and as in the past, my wife and I will continue to support the March of Dimes.

I first became actively aware of the organization when I reported for WTVT-TV (Fox 13, Tampa, FL). Each year the station partners with the March of Dimes, and anchor Kathy Fountain is one of the primary faces for the annual fundraiser. I was a weekend reporter at the time, and never had the chance to participate because I always worked during the event.

Little did I know that in 2006, my family would learn about premature birth first hand. On April 19, 2006 our firstborn sons Rico and Jordan Channel were born at 20 weeks. They came way too soon, and they were too small to have a chance. It’s something I wish no one else would have to experience.

This year on the twins’ birthday, we specifically raised money for the March of Dimes using social media. Atlanta Daybook also helped by publishing a press release, and I basically used Twitter and Facebook to raise money through my network. I need to check the exact figure, but I believe we raised $600-$800 dollars. It’s not bad, but I know we can do better. My goal is to raise $5000.00 this year.

Everything is a blessing. We recently celebrated the first birthday of our son Devin. Though he will never know his older brothers in the flesh, we will certainly teach him about them and why his family will always support the March of Dimes.

Please make a generous donation on behalf of the Channel Twins, and for all the other premature survivors.


If you’re on Twitter, please let me know when you donate. @urbanreporter or @visualeyemedia and use the #fight4preemies hashtag

Monday, November 9th, 2009


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