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January 30th, 2009



Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright who gained notoriety during the 2008 Presidential race for his well publicized comments about America made a stop at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta on Friday to receive an award at the 2nd Annual H.O.T.E.P Lecture Series.

After he was presented with his award he sat down for about fifteen minutes to speak to local media. We were instructed not to ask him any questions about his relationship with President Obama. It seems a local newspaper reporter got a little aggressive with the questions earlier in the day and he almost decided to nix the rest of the interviews.

WXIA-TV, WAGA-TV, The Atlanta Voice, and a Morehouse student reporter all respected the request, but we did ask him questions about the bailout, the Blagojevich situation and Senator Burris. As a reporter, when you’re asked not to ask a question, you have to find ways to ask around the question, so when I got my chance I asked if he thinks America is really on the cusp of change.

Note to PR folks: If time is running out on an interviewee’s time, please let us know in between questions, not in the middle of a response… Why ruin a good sound bite with, “That was the last question”?

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  • Andy Coon

    I want more… Get back there and do a 30 minute piece. Great job.

  • Zack Isaacs

    As a publicist/journalist, I see your complaint from both sides. A publicist knows how a journalist thinks and vice versa. Journalists are always trying to get in just one more question, if they can. It’s similar to the TV reporters who are cut off by anchors to be respectful to time constraints. But on the journalist side, I think that publicists SHOULD give them a 1 minute warning or something.

    Whatever the case may be, I do know some folks close to Rev. So if you ever want to follow up, say the word. Rev. is very respected in Chicago, regardless of what the mainstream media says.

  • Persistance

    i see your point about the end around question. his response focused on where Obama is with respect to the flagship of his presidential bid, i.e., change in the tone of d.c. politics.

    if you do a follow-up, i would be interested in understanding if\why Rev. Wright seemed to speak in terms about AIPAC influence being the a litmus test for overall change in broad terms. did i hear that right?

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