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Thursday, February 28th, 2008


by A.man.I

I’m late on this one, but I just found out that a former reporter I worked with in Tampa is in big trouble.

Al Zimmerman worked at Bay News 9 when I worked at Fox 13. Now, he’s accused and has reportedly admitted to operating a child pornography business.

He apparently paid two 16-year old male teens to take explicit pictures, and then arranged to sell the photos overseas. The thing is this cat was the spokesperson for the Department of Children and Families. All I can say is, skunky.

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008


by A.man.I


I’m freelancing for HDNews this week, and don’t know how much time I’ll have to devote to the blog. I’m working with photojournalist Jeff Moore this week (he’s standing next to me at the far left).

I officially wasn’t supposed to start until today, but I worked with Jeff last night and produced a feature story about a young hockey player who’s been tearing up the ice since age five. The catch, the young star is a girl, and she was one of the first in the Atlanta area to pick up a hockey stick.

This morning, I woke up early to meet Jamia Nash at the airport. If her name sounds familiar, it is because the eleven-year-old performed at the Oscars. She very camera savvy if ya know what I mean. Nash has been singing and performing since age two.

If it sounds like I’m busy, this is only the beginning. I could be heading to Miami to cover the blackouts that are affecting Florida. I’ve already called a couple of my news friends at WTVT in Tampa, as well as WFOR, and WSVN in Miami.

This is all hear say, but outage seems to be affecting the state, and the cause is yet to be determined. Stay tuned.

Monday, February 25th, 2008


by A.man.I

If you have any video production skills, you may want to check out Bid4Vid. The site was created by J.D. Lasica who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Video on the Net conference in San Jose, California last year. Lasica also founded the citizen journalism portal Ourmedia.org.

Bid4Vid just went live, and hails to be an online video marketplace where producers can actually make some bread. I haven’t logged onto the site yet, but I will be checking it out.

Monday, February 25th, 2008


by A.man.I

Some of the top journalism innovators gathered at Georgia Tech on February 22-23, for a conference about the future of journalism (the official title was “Journalism 3G: The Future of Technology in the Field A symposium on computation + journalism”). It looks like an all-star cast of media types participated.

I can’t believe I missed the event, but I didn’t even know about it until vlogger Grayson Daughters mentioned it to me last week.

It’s all good though, because Grayson’s camera was rolling.

Sunday, February 24th, 2008


by A.man.I

Check out CNN’s interactive civil rights report through the eyes of Dr. Martin Luther King’s driver Ton Houcke. Houck is now writting a book about his experiences, and will be profiled on CNN tonight. Link from Grayson Daughters.

11-year old Jamia Nash from Atlanta is putting it down at the 2008 Oscar Awards. She is singing the best song nominee “Raise It up,” from the movie August Rush. Nash is young star rising. Read full article here.

I had the chance to check out Jill Scott in concert last night at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. All I can say is “wow.” Scott put it down with a soulful, spiritual set. She sang all of her hits, spoke from the heart about her divorce, shared advice for artists, and gave a grown and sexy performance. I would suggest you cop tickets to this performance. Peep the pics.

Friday, February 22nd, 2008



Wednesday, February 20th, 2008


Tuesday, February 19th, 2008


by A.man.I

Social media sites give political candidates innovative ways to reach voters. It seems that Senator Barack Obama is connecting with younger voters through sites like MySpace. [WhyTuesday]

Senator Obama’s campaign created a place on MySpace for his Washington state supporters to show their support and organize for the caucuses. Those efforts led to several young people not only participating in the process, but getting themselves elected precinct delegates, and then telling stories of their efforts back on MySpace.

Of course, another issue is making sure all of the votes are counted.

A few days ago, the NYTimes reported that Congressman John Lewis had a change of heart regarding his endorsement of Mrs. Hillary. According to the AJC, the NYTimes article was “inaccurate.” Lewis has been quiet about the whole thing. Hmmmm.

According to blog gossip queen RhymesWithSnitch, R&B singer Tank got tazered during the NBA All Star Weekend.

He was so messed up he had to be taken to the hospital before he went to jail. Now he’s screaming police brutality and the whole nine. He was charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He’s due in court Feb. 19.

Take it from me. Tazers don’t tickle.

Have you heard of Urban Ink? It’s the only tattoo magazine for people of color. Looks like a niche… Then again, chocolate skin and tattoos sometimes don’t mix very well. [Bossip]

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